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Welcome to our summer camp page!!


We are a very well-known football club, but when summer hits our students do not want to part ways.

Therefore we created a small summer program that will allow all our students to continue on with the year long journey and welcome new comers who love to have fun during the summer.

With our summer camp program, kids will develop core values, learn new skills, make new friends and have loads of fun in the process.


Our exciting sports curriculum includes:


* Swimming in the beach waters and pools

* beach sports (beach soccer, beach volleyball, etc.)

* Soccer

* Basketball

* Flag Football

* Dodge ball

* Waffle ball


We do have downtime when we sit around and play board games that kids enjoy.


Our favorite part is the weekly trips to new fun and interesting recreational places to visit such as:

* Water parks (splish-splash, Dorney park, mountain creek, and more)

* Zoos and petting zoos

* Museums

* Art galleries

* Aquariums

* Spa castle




We provide each and every child, nourishing well-balanced and generous lunches.

Also, we keep everyone fully hydrated as water will be provided to everyone throughout the day.

Snacks will also be provided to keep cool such as ice-cream and fruits.




* Free transportation is provided

* Morning pickups and drop offs

* Air-conditioned vehicle

* Great friendly staff











For more information on this great program please feel free to contact us:

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