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FC AMSTERDAM was founded by YARON ABRAMOV, a young man who immigrated to this country at the age of 13.

He has been playing soccer all his life and his dream was to help others perfect their love and passion of the sport.





In 2011 now league was founded.

Yaron jumped on the opportunity, and did all possible to be a part of the league.

Together the league and Fc Amsterdam grew very successful.

Fc Amsterdam won 13 trophies in just a short time of 3 years.

8 of them were league champions and 5 tournament champions. 

They earn these trophies and titles with the coach's guide to success. 

Hard work and dedication shows in their performances and deliveries on the field.

Yaron's goal is not only to help his kids with soccer but to also be there for young adults who need a friend to speak with, someone to lean on, while learning from each other they also build up their self esteem and confidence in their youth.


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